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About  Moto Race Team

"I'm Mike Mamelli aka the Mammal, and this is my racing team MRToff-road. We attend this sport for good times and family fun. You never know whats gonna happen at these events.


After 25 years of Working Construction and creating Glamis Dunes Storage … We’re ready to Go BIG and Make It Happen!

1514 is paying honor and tribute to my grandfather who passed away and his address is 1514. He’s always been a big support man for the Mammal and I want to give him some love back… Mamelli Racing 1514… thinking of you pops. Lets go racing!

Meet the team that helps us Make It Happen...

The Team

Combined We have over 300 podiums (30+ in 2017), 208 Wins (15+ in 2017), Nascar Mini Stock Championship, Pacific Offshore Championship, DIRTRIOT Championship.  This coming year we expect to compete at the highest level and win major races at the KOH and other selected races as well as chase BITD and SCORE Championships.

Michael Mamelli aka Mammal

MRToff-road , Glamis Dunes Storage and All Service Industries

Huntington Beach, CA

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Robert VanBeekum

Mesa, AZ

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Jedi Jack Mamelli 

Driver 170cc Polaris Team Mamelli 
Huntington Beach, CA

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